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Clear vision and long term value

The life-science and healthcare sectors are constantly evolving, often at meteoric rates in the modern world. Businesses in this industry are driven by complex factors, especially in terms of their human capital, where intellectual and vocational motivations often take precedence over commercial concerns.

Our People & Organisation Advisory is tailored to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business: by ensuring you have the right people – in the right place – at all levels; by using our network to gain market insight from customers, suppliers, and employees past, present, and potential; enabling us to advise you on longer term talent strategy. Allow us to understand your vision, identify your people issues, and work with you to create optimal solutions that drive exceptional delivery of your business objectives.


    The best medics listen attentively to their patients’ symptoms before reaching for the stethoscope. Our Consultants listen to your company’s history, challenges, and objectives, synthesising what you share of your strategy and ambition with their expert industry, human capital and organisational design knowledge, and gathering the information and data required to move to examination stage.

    Examination & Diagnosis

    Once we fully understand your situation, challenges, and strategy, we examine objectively. Tailoring this to each individual client, we undertake market due diligence, customer and supplier referencing, competitor, talent or compensation benchmarking, and brand perception surveys.  The resulting X-ray allows us to fully diagnose your human capital challenges, across company or senior leadership structure, talent or behavioural gaps, reward and incentivisation, to outline a clear and effective formula that drives your success.  We want to ensure that the strength of your company, across the full scale of the business, is guaranteed to succeed.

    Remedy & Review

    At this stage we are ready to recommend the best options for your company’s evolution across organisational design, talent acquisition, development, and succession planning. We place high value on reviewing the findings – guaranteeing we have a clear view of your company from both a treetop and ground level, so we are fully equipped to continue to support you as your success grows. Our advice helps you to evolve your board and leadership teams for maximum impact and shareholder return, whilst ensuring governance and investor buy-in and support.

    Contact Us

    To speak to one of our in-house People & Organisation Advisory experts, please contact us via email here.  We will be happy to assist you.

Board Services - Case Studies

Case Study

Chairman for Oxford Biomedica

Oxford Biomedica is a pioneer of gene and cell therapy, with a leading industry position in lentiviral vector and cell therapy research, development and bioprocessing.

    “I have worked successfully with RSA in senior level recruitment in life sciences. I would recommend RSA for their approach to, and services for, executive search in the life sciences.”

    Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the UK Stem Cell Foundation, PDS Biotechnology Corp, the Royal Institution of Great Britain and NetScientific plc

    “I have known Nick Stephens and the RSA Group for many years, since my time as Head of GSK’s Center for Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Disorders in Biopolis, from 2005 to the end of 2009. I have known Nick and other members of the RSA Group to be talented, highly energetic and very effective. They are a group with Western roots, but a clear focus on Asia that predates that of most other life science recruitment firms. My interactions with them have been consistently positive.”

    Dr Tetsu Maruyama, Chief Scientific Advisor Dementia Discovery Fund & Former Corporate Officer / Former Senior VP, Head of Pharmaceutical Research Division Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Fujisawa, Japan