Our client:

Looking for a Chair for a PE-backed provider of mobile operating theatres and wards to acute hospitals, providing additional capacity either to cover refurbishments or waiting list initiatives. Required a proven PE operator with experience of professionalising and growing a mature business concept that had atrophied under a disengaged and reactive management team.


The challenge:

Vanguard were ideally looking for someone with internationalisation experience, and major transformational and culture change skills. Mapped all Chairs of PE-backed healthcare providers, healthcare service companies, and broader B2B services especially. Pre-referenced the longlist extensively with PE investment professionals to gauge genuine value creation and transformation.


How our approach made a difference:

Placed Christa Echtle, Chair of Compass Fostering and former Chair of Datix. Rehired to find CEO and Commercial Director within the year. Business grew and internationalised, exiting successfully to iCON Infrastructure within six years.

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