Our client:

Inivata is in the vanguard of new models of healthcare decision support. Its creation was made possible by the convergence of information processing power, next generation sequencing and a leading edge understanding of the genetics of cancer.

It was about to raise a second and third round in quick succession to move on to its next phase of clinical product development and early commercialisation in the US. The business had progressed to the point the board wanted to appoint a Chairman who would help steer the company to reach its full potential.


The challenge:

In order to meet its strategic objectives, Inivata needed a Chairman with a unique blend of experience. They had to be strongly networked in both pharma and diagnostics with deep experience in oncology, fundraising and the commercialisation of novel products in the US and international markets, while being headquartered in Cambridge, UK.


How our approach made a difference:

Over 40 years of experience and 15 years of operating in the US biotechnology market to build Boards gave the UK team immediate access to a network of friends that made the search tractable.

Our knowledge and experience of the dramatically different renumeration packages expected by independent board members in the US and Europe allowed us to prepare and qualify both the company and the pool of candidates in advance, meaning all parties knew what was possible and had agreed what was acceptable before engaging with each other.

Our data driven due diligence process allowed us to quickly compare the transaction and market capitalisation history of candidates’ previous companies, thus increasing the shareholders’ confidence in their final choice. This led to a successful hire and has been reflected by an approximate eight-fold increase in company value since the appointment.

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