Our client:

A FTSE 250 provider of outsourced services to the public sector, Serco Health has £300m revenue and delivers essential services to NHS hospitals, across cleaning, catering, portering, and patient flow management. Looking for a proven P&L holder and leader, with deep knowledge and a network in the NHS, strong strategic thinking, relationship building, and commercial growth skills, to identify core NHS problems and respond with a suite of higher margin value-added services


The challenge:

Mapped leadership talent across hospitals and B2B healthcare services, including CEOs of NHS Trusts, analysing trust performance and cross-referencing with media and trusted sources to de-risk with regard to performance/brand issues. Further referencing and an additional layer of focus in interviews around commerciality, pace, resilience and values.


How our approach made a difference:

Interviewed and managed three internal candidates, all judged to be high-po and essential to the team, through the process. Presented four candidates for interview by Serco, all of whom were judged to be stronger than the internal pool. Placed Simon Chipperfield, former Chief Growth Officer of Optum International. Delivered feedback sessions to all internal candidates, offering rationale, development coaching, and onboarding support re their new MD.

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