Our client:

Moleac is a biopharmaceutical company based in Singapore whose focus had been on a B2B / B2C “novel Chinese medicine”. 


The challenge:

The RSA Group was appointed to find a new non-executive chairman for Moleac. The company had evidence that meant its product could be “druggable” and so had decided to add a focus on research and development of innovative therapeutics to help patients impaired by neurological illness or injuries. Pivoting the business into a new area. The client therefore needed a new Chair with a thorough understanding of CNS drug development and the global Biotechnology industry. It was also important that the appointee had experience and credibility in Europe and Asia and the capability to take the company through this transitional period.


How our approach made a difference:

Thanks to the careful due diligence of our team, we were able to find an appropriate candidate within a very short time period. The new Chair had extensive experience in big pharma, including CNS drug development, and had held several high-profile positions in Europe. As a result, Moleac gained a greater understanding of biotech, experience in big pharma partnering, and access to a European investor network, helping it to successfully transition away from consumer products and towards being a CNS biotech.


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