Our client:

Unilabs is a leading global healthcare organisation offering a comprehensive portfolio of diagnostics tests within laboratory medicine, medical imaging, cellular pathology, reproductive medicine and drug development services.

The company is highly decentralised and its Region North division comprises five countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK. With around 2,000 employees, this area is growing rapidly, and the company has ambitious plans to maintain this momentum.


The challenge:

Unilabs required a new Business Development Director to drive growth and diversification across the UK business. The candidate needed to have senior management experience in a healthcare related business, a successful track record in business development, sales and marketing, and a knowledge of the UK and European diagnostics and screening market.

Moreover, the successful candidate also needed to have experience of winning major UK multi-year tenders, knowledge of NHS purchasing/tender practices and a large and established network in UK private medical practice.

The successful individual would be knowledgeable in managed services, and be able to identify and win NHS tenders, enabling Unilabs to widen its portfolio of services and deepen its connection with the market.


How our approach made a difference:

Our extensive UK network and in-depth understanding of the UK healthcare and diagnostics systems placed us in a unique position to carry out a systematic and successful search.

Our Proof of Candidate™ approach, led by Mark Howard, Managing Partner, enabled the identification of an ideal candidate with substantial industry experience, a successful track record in healthcare sales and marketing, and an understanding of how to navigate the NHS procurement landscape.

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