As the world faces an unprecedented global shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, for life sciences companies it’s in the interests of everyone, not least the patients we aim to serve, that business goes on. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to find ways of meeting goals and completing projects by getting past the roadblocks ahead of them. The use of interim executives can provide solutions to some of these issues including the severe restrictions on local and international travel now in place across the globe.

As companies are unable to send their people to work in other locations, especially those abroad, hiring a local interim to the take on the project is a practical and effective solution. As well as bypassing travel restrictions and avoiding quarantine and isolation periods, they can also avoid uncertainties such as the risk of being turned away at the border. Additionally, they will have greater local knowledge and may even have local connections that give them an advantage over staff sent from the company’s home country. We have recently seen this in the case of a client who was setting up manufacturing through a sub-contractor on the East Coast of the US. Instead of sending one of the ‘home team’, we found a locally based interim who was able to take on the project and hit the ground running. They even knew the local manufacturer and the people involved so the project has got off to a great start.

Interim management fills gap in talent or expertise needed to complete a project. They provide a fast and effective solution to today’s business issues by providing the skills and expertise a company needs without the commitment and expenses associated with hiring someone long term.

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