RSA has appointed Dafydd Wright as Head of its Interim Management Business Unit.

In his new role, Dafydd will be responsible for expanding RSA’s Interim Management Service into new geographies and disciplines across the Life Science’s sector. Dafydd joins from Talentmark Interims where he established their executive Interim Management function. Prior to working at Talentmark, Dafydd spent nearly five years at RSA as a principal consultant where he was awarded the IRP’s Interim management Recruiter of the Year Award 2010.

“RSA is a name which for the past 10 years has been synonymous with providing a best-in-class Interim Management service – a service offering backed by an incredible team, and I am excited to return to work alongside the senior management team to contribute to the ongoing evolution of RSA’s service offerings,” said Dafydd.

Dafydd has extensive experience working in the Life Sciences industry, specialising in securing top interim talent to lead key projects within the scientific business arena. He brings with him a clear vision and understanding of what is required to galvanise two parties together and, through using interim management, help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Returning to RSA, Dafydd is looking forward to helping his clients, which include business start-ups and incubator companies looking to embark on the next stage of their technical development, through to global pharmaceutical firms, seeking to achieve their corporate and commercial objectives.

Dafydd believes that Interim Management is best delivered in parallel with a successful executive search function that is able to implement front-end solutions while being supported by effective back office infrastructure.

“RSA demonstrates such synergies. It is not enough to offer a customer an individual who just happens to be available. The real skill lies with the businesses that are able to extrapolate the capabilities of an individual and apply them to the customer’s unique requirements,” said Dafydd.

Dafydd will also be responsible for refining RSA’s Escalator Management Service, an innovative search function that secures core teams of executive interims, each an expert in their own field, to deploy as a fully functioning team, with the purpose of enabling ambitious organisations to confidently achieve their financial and operational goals.

While Interim Management is normally characterised by the deployment and utilisation of an expert for a specific function, typically in isolation against a given project need, escalator management works best when a top class team needs to be assembled rapidly in order to exploit market opportunities.

“We need to listen to our customers and to translate their needs into real, measurable outcomes. Successful application of Interim and Escalator Management means anticipating the needs of our customers and consistently working behind the scenes, across our trusted networks, to better understand who we can introduce, when and why,” said Dafydd.

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