In our latest Talent Equity® Report, we examine the performance of biotech leaders whose companies IPO’d or were active in deal-making in 2016. Leaders talents were tested by a relatively tough year for the sector in the public financial markets while 2016 turned out to be a highly successful year for licensing and M&A deal-making.

The biotech sector depends on three pillars – science, money and people. Crucially, it’s the talent of the people that enables the wise use of investors funds to advance the science. So what is it about the best of these company leaders that makes them so successful? What characteristics do they have that give them the edge over their competitors?

In this report we focus on those CEOs and CFOs whose companies were outstanding in performing better than their peers in either IPOs or deal-making. We look at the factors that have combined to enable them to stand out and succeed.

Read the full report here:

Biotech IPO’s and Deals 2016

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