Friday,  13th March 2020

To our Clients, Candidates, Suppliers, Friends and Colleagues,

In these uncertain times, when we’re usually fully immersed in our work, our minds are, instead, likely to focus on “other priorities”; our families, friends and loved ones will inevitably be top of our list of concerns.

Understandably, in these circumstances you may be more cautious than ever about the known and the unknown risks at home and at work so we want you to know that at RSA we all stand ready to support you, as we have for the past 39 years.

So, I am writing to let you know a few things.

Your Safety is Our Priority.

We have contingencies in place to minimise risk to all our stakeholders and to ensure continuity of our service delivery.

Our offices and workspaces are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Our people have clear guidelines in place to ensure that they minimise their risk and, if one of us becomes infected with Covid-19, we will follow all the health advice issued by the local authorities in each country where we operate.

Delivery is our Priority.

Technology will support us in maintaining our world class-leading level of engagement with you and with all our other stakeholders. We will minimise face-to-face contact and continue to maximise our communication with you.

Our Mission Remains the Same.

We remain committed to our core purpose – “Better People”.

We will strive to ensure that our clients continue to discover, develop and deliver lifesaving therapies across the globe and, that as the world comes out of this crisis, that our clients are able to resume normal operations immediately and with as little disruption as possible.

One Thing Is Certain.

Things will change in the light of new circumstances and new knowledge. Like many of you, we are fortunate to have privileged access to the world leading scientific advice – we will listen to that and continually revise and update our policies and actions considering this information.

Call or write to me or to one of our team if you want to know more.

Stay well.

Nick Stephens

Executive Chairman, The RSA Group

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