Investment in oral health

The 23rd September 2015 saw the ground breaking for a new Institute of Oral Health in Singapore.

We believe that this stunning oral health initiative is the beginning of a data-driven revolution in healthcare systems, delivery and strategic planning.

Breaking new ground

The institute will not only play a part in improving the quality of service of dental care to the people of Singapore but also be the driver for aligning the wider health service with the needs of today’s population and tomorrow’s nation. If successful this could become ‘the model’ for healthcare in Asia and the wider world.

The mouth as a window to the person

The dental school, the Institute and its associated research establishment will leverage the ‘mouth as a window to the person’ and will help to predict future healthcare needs and plan appropriate investments in facilities, training and infrastructure across the nation’s health system from pre-nata to end-of-life care

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Joined-up health

The Institute is the third national specialty centre; the other two are the National Heart and National Oncology Centres.

We are proud to have helped them secure its leader

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